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ARIMEX reconditions your plate with most modern workshop equipment since we know that your plate heater radiator is indispensable for your production.

Our competent team will recondition your plates expertly and carefully as follows:

  • Removal of the old seals/gaskets
  • Cleaning the plates, according to the contamination, chemical and/or high pressure cleaning
  • Examination of the plates, penetrating-procedures „red-white”
  • Documentation of all jobs in writing and picture-form
  • Repeated cleaning and preparation for the adhesion and/or cliping of the seals
  • Adhesion and/or cliping of the seals
  • Drying in a special oven
  • Segregation of the plates if there is a documentation
  • Preparation of the plates for the sending
  • Disposal of the old seals and waste

We do all above-mentioned work in our own ARIMEX workshop which we optimally prepared to recondition your plates professionally.

ARIMEX is prepared to dismantle the plates directly at the customer and by request we will also install your plate heater radiator on location. According to this we will prepare the plate heater radiator to a compression test in your equipment.

It will be the decision of the customer, if we help on location, or he installs the plates on his own and sends them to us, or if he only prepares the plates for the collection.

All of this is possible and if you like to have your plates reconditioned competently, carefully and payably, you can simply contact us.
Your ARIMEX-team

We are at your disposal with pleasure for futher information and to arrange a time.

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